Map 2 Services

We offer consultancy and analysis services targeted specifically to each stage of MAP 2 assessments...

Project stage Services we offer Project stage Services we offer

1 Project Planning

Project specific archaeological science consultancy

Contaminated land assessment - contamination risk to & from the archaeological resource

Health & safety assessment - contamination risk to archaeological & ancillary staff

2 Fieldwork

Field-based analysis (including magnetic susceptibility, portable XRF)

In-situ soil & sediment characterisation

Reporting while the excavation is on-going

3 Assessment of Potential for Analysis
Quick analysis of key samples (Q-RAF)
  • to identify materials/processes for full analysis during Phase 4
  • to assist with updated project design/post-excavation design
4 Analysis and Report Preparation

Scientific analysis of artefacts and industrial waste

Soil & sediment characterisation

Production of annotated Harris Matrices using scientific data to assist with overall site interpretation

5 Dissemination

Specialist reporting

Integrated publication of results

Publication of synthesis articles on materials & processes

RSS news feeds & podcasts

Outreach activities: schools, exhibitions, public dissemination

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