Architectural Materials Analysis

SASAA carries out routine analysis on a wide range of architectural paints and other materials. Sample preparation, photography with low-power microscope and analysis, and imaging with scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive analyser (SEM-EDAX) is carried out to obtain information on composition and method of application. We do not carry out analysis on binders and organic components of paints.

In addition to undertaking full-scale projects, we offer a quick reference analytical facility (Q-RAF), with guaranteed delivery of report within two weeks of receipt of sample.


Microphotograph of architectural paint sample. ©SASAA 2006.

Sodium sulfate efflorescences on stonework, cement and mortar at Glasgow School of Art, identified using SEM-EDAX. ©SASAA 2006.

XRD spectra of feebly hydraulic Roman mortar from Cramond bath-house. ©SASAA 2006.

Architectural materials analysed by SASAA have included:


SASAA follows a rigorous methodology for architectural materials analysis. Analytical techniques used by SASAA include: