At SASAA, we draw on over a decade of experience to provide a professional and reliable service.

Archaeological Materials & Organic Residues Analysis

SEM image of Loch Glashan brooch. ©SASAA 2003.

Architectural Materials Analysis


Microphotograph of architectural paint sample from City Chambers, Edinburgh. ©SASAA 2006.

Industrial & Domestic Waste Analysis


SEM image of industrial waste from Garranes ring-fort, Ireland. ©SASAA 2006.

Archaeological Contaminated Land Risk Assessment

Assessing the contamination risk on the environment from industrial archaeology at Moffat Mills, Scotland. ©SASAA 2005.

Archaeological Soil Analysis, Magnetic Susceptibility Surveys & Geoarchaeological Surveys

In situ magnetic susceptibility survey in Ireland. ©SASAA 2006.


Quick Reference Analytical Facility


SEM image of 17th Century eclesiastical textile metal thread ©SASAA 2004.

We follow statutory guidelines as laid down by Historic Scotland, English Heritage, the Environment Agency and the government.

We are happy to discuss any other projects on a one-to-one basis. 

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